What to do While Waiting

“So you, by the help of your God, return,
    hold fast to love and justice,
    and wait continually for your God.”

–Hosea 12:6 (ESV)

I have had some really long waits at airports. When I was in the military, returning from overseas, at times I even waited overnight. A hotel room was not an option so I just sat and waited.

In so many ways, living life on earth is a waiting game. As a Christian I am living between when Jesus came the first time and when he comes again. It is a long wait, over 2,000 years so far. The season of advent marks this season of waiting. The first week of advent is “hope.” In other words, as we wait we are hoping for Jesus’ return.

Hosea was a prophet who spoke out against the sin of Israel. God led him to demonstrate God’s love through hard life lessons, even by marrying a promiscuous woman. Just like God chose to love the nation of Israel in spite of unfaithfulness, Hosea was to love his unfaithful wife. Tough times.

In the midst of Hosea’s tough times I find the above encouraging verse. First, we are to return to God, with God’s help. What? Well, to me that means that I was born into sin, but God sent Jesus and through Him I have returned to God. That is amazing to me.

Hosea also talks about continually waiting for God, but as I wait I don’t just do my own thing. I love and I embrace justice. How am I to define justice? I go to God’s revealed word and implement his truths into my life.

Waiting can be hard, but as I follow God, love, and embrace His truth, I can align myself with God’s plans and purposes. That is how I choose to live.

Prayer: Lord God, thank You for giving me a purpose, even as I look forward to the return of Your Son, Jesus.

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