Thus Says the Lord God

The vision of Obadiah.

Thus says the Lord God…

–Obadiah 1:1 (ESV)

I can get distracted. I have every intention of doing something, then… squirrel… I’m doing something else. (2 pts if you get the squirrel reference!)

Obadiah probably felt like he needed to get everyone’s attention. He starts by saying “Thus says the Lord God.” That should do it. It really should. But how many people know anything about Obadiah?

Fast forward about 600 years after Obadiah lived.

I wonder if the shepherds would have paid attention if just a man had walked up and told them that a baby was born in Bethlehem and that they should go check it out. Probably not. I don’t think I would have been impressed.

Instead, God really got their attention. An angel spoke and then “a multitude of the heavenly host” were there to reinforce what the angel told the shepherds. There is no doubt. God wanted this good news of a “Savior, who is Christ the Lord” being born to be shared.

This Sunday is Christmas Day. I can still get distracted, but I really want to pay attention to what God has declared. I don’t want to miss out. When the Lord God speaks, I need to pay attention. I want to embrace the news of the heavenly host. I want to know about what Obadiah shared. I want to know what God tells me in His word. 

In spite of distractions, when I hear, “Thus says the Lord God,” I choose to drop everything and embrace the Lord my God.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I confess that I can get distracted. Today, as I reflect on the birth of Jesus, I choose to listen. I choose to run after Your word and Your truth.

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