The Death of My Dad

Luke 24:5 (NIV):  “Why do you look for the living among the dead?”

My Dad passed on Monday evening, November 29th, at his home in Texas. I was actually on a FaceTime call with my Mom. I had coordinated with her to call at 8 PM. I was available early, so I called at 7:45 PM. We talked, she showed me Dad, who was breathing very slowly. My brother and his wife, along with my twin sister were there with my Mom. As we were looking at Dad he was struggling so we sang “Jesus Loves Me” as a family. My Dad then he took his last breath. It was a blessing from God that I shared that moment with my Mom and siblings.

The words recorded by Luke are of the angel at the tomb of Jesus after His resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus is the central event in history. Satan has attacked the historicity of it ever since it happened. Right after Jesus was raised lies were told about how his disciples stole the body. Now attacks are made on the Bible as a whole through the worldview of evolution, which has now been proven to be mathematically impossible.

Still, the worldview of evolution persists. This worldview attacks the foundation of a Creator God as recorded in the Bible and thus attacks the reliability of the entire Bible including the resurrection of Jesus.

As a result many people don’t want or need a Creator to be responsible to. But can people really ignore God?

The evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is overwhelming. Now the evidence through archeology and molecular biology debunking evolution is also overwhelming. I believe that as we approach the second coming of Jesus all people will be without excuse for their choice to not follow God.

I share all that to say that my Dad is dead, but because of Jesus he is alive. Jesus led the way by being resurrected. Eventually God promises the bodily resurrection for all those who follow Jesus. What a day of rejoicing that will be.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that my Dad now knows You better than he ever has before. Thank you for the legacy he left of following You. I feel so blessed.

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