My Righteousness

Titus 3:5 (NIV):  He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.

There is a problem in our world. Actually there are lots of problems. A big problem is the problem of evil. Where did evil come from? If God created everything, did God create evil?

Based on my Biblical worldview, there are really only two basic worldviews. One worldview is the one I embrace. God created. I am a sinner. Jesus came to save me because I couldn’t save myself. Because I trust in Jesus and have made Him my Lord, I can look forward to eternity with God.

The other worldview says that the God of the Bible isn’t needed. Man can do it on his own. The highest need for human beings is to be self-actualized. In other words, humans will be the best by doing what they truly want to do. Of course there is a problem with the other worldview. Where did evil come from? If everyone in the world becomes self-actualized should there even be evil?

Most people, myself included, believe that there is evil. I don’t have to look far. All I have to do is look in the mirror. My own human nature can be evil.

The above verse confronts me with the fact that the righteous things I have done haven’t saved me. The Bible even says that my righteousness is like filthy rags. I am dirty. I am chained. I need help. I need God’s mercy.

My next step is that I need to open my eyes to the needs of others all around me. They are dirty. They are chained. They need mercy. Just as I need a Savior, my neighbor does too.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank You for Your mercy. I haven’t done anything to earn Your salvation. It makes me free. I am now free to love others. I am free to share the news of Your mercy with my neighbors and my world.

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