Knowing the Truth

John 18:37 (NIV):  [Jesus speaking], “… the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

I just want to know. Where did the coronavirus really come from? Was it intentional? How many variants are there? How deadly is it? Should I really be concerned? Is the vaccine safe? Will I be forced to take the vaccine? Are masks effective?

I’m not alone. I want to cry out with the words of Pilate from 2,000 years ago, “What is truth?” A good question that needs to be answered.

Another question that needs to be answered is “Why did Jesus come into the world?” The answer to that question is actually answered by Jesus Himself just before Pilate asked his question.

The above verse tells us that Jesus came into the world to “testify to the truth” and further declared that everyone interested in the truth listens to Jesus.

Pretty bold words from Jesus. No wonder Pilate asked his question. I think that a big observation about the conversation, which happened just hours before Jesus was crucified, is that the world has lies. To figure out what is true requires going to the source of reality, which is God, and Jesus shows us God.

I don’t have easy answers regarding the coronavirus. I do know that when it comes to figuring out the eternal while existing in the temporary requires me to go to the Source. I need to know Jesus. I need to know what He said and what He did. The Bible is my research document to know Jesus in a real and personal way. He even promised the Holy Spirit to help. Wow. God in me to lead me to truth.

Prayer: Father in heaven, I want to know the truth. Jesus came to testify to the truth, so I come to Him to listen and to learn. May Your Holy Spirit guide me to the truth.

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