Equipping Series Initiative

The Equipping Series is a combination of web and in person trainings using ministry experts to equip pastors and Church leaders to meet community needs. These meetings are a combination of facts, personal testimony, and what the Church can tangibly do.

1. Virtual Equipping Meetings

  • One per season, a total of four a year.
  • Use webinar technology.
  • Sample topics: religious liberty, human trafficking, combating pornography, immigration, gender dysphoria, urban revitalization, criminal justice reform, and mental health.

2. Capitol Equipping Days

  • Once a month, during the legislative session.
  • There are two equipping events. One catered to legislators and the other towards pastors.
    • The day starts at the Capitol with a breakfast for legislators with the presenter giving a special presentation to legislators.
    • The day continues by joining with the pastors at the typical meeting place for legislative days. On this day we replace our briefing hour prior to the Capitol visit. The presenter will now present to pastors on this issue facing the community and what the Church can do.
    • Following the equipping time, pastors go to the Iowa Capitol for a regular pastor visit. Those who wish can join us and the presenter to discuss the issue with key legislators.
    • Sample topics: Biblical theology of the poor, Safe Families, foster care, combatting pornography, affordable housing, encouraging marriage over cohabitation, and fatherlessness.


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