Do Good Initiative

Through the “Do Good Initiative,” we want to connect exemplary local Churches and ministries to partner with the government to meet the complex needs of their communities. These Churches and ministries also serve as a model to edify the local Church.

As your Church Ambassador Network grows, God will bless you with many intentional relationships between pastors and governing authorities. Then the question will be, what are you going to do with them? The common theme we have found is, when a need hits a community, people turn to the Church and government. These needs are complex. Therefore, the government and the Church need to partner together and when they do people are blessed. To accomplish this, we created the “Do Good Initiative” with the purpose to connect exemplary local Churches and ministries who are doing ground-breaking work in their communities as a model to edify the local Church.

Based on the intentional relationships there should be a natural desire to have positive impact in communities. As needs in such areas as foster care, immigration, adoption, battling pornography, human trafficking, and poverty are identified, the Church can be empowered by ministries who help to satisfy those needs. Programs and training can be offered and then the state can partner with the Church to meet those community needs by passing necessary legislation.

Basically, the “Do Good Initiative” is fanning the flame of doing good in our communities. Components of the “Do Good Initiative” include the following:

The Equipping Series:

We use the Equipping Series to educate pastors on different community issues and inform about the organizations and Churches, who are doing ground-breaking work. See more below.

1.    Educational Meetings with Church leaders:

We host educational and informational meetings with experts in a key community issues for members of our steering committee.

  • This is an excellent way to start a conversation around an issue and see where God takes it. For the tricky issues, this is the best place to start.
    • We used these types of meetings to jumpstart our discussions around pornography and immigration by inviting individuals like Josh McDowell and Matt Soerens of World Relief.

2.    Introduction meetings with pastors:

We set up coffees and one-on-one meetings with pastors and key Churches and organizations that are meeting key spiritual/community needs. We want to introduce organizations or Churches that are doing an excellent job at equipping Churches to meet needs in their communities to pastors in our network, who share a same heart. Think of this as a think tank for the Church.

3.    Legislation:

We work with organizations and Churches to pass needed legislation to help further their work in meeting spiritual/community needs. Sometimes a ministry or Church needs legislation passed to help further their work or they need a policy change in the executive branch. We work with pastors and ministry leaders to help navigate these waters.

4.    Issues:

  • Foster Care
    • Preventative Foster Care
    • Kansas – Care Portal
    • Florida – Better Families
    • Minnesota – Together for Good
  • Addictions
  • Human Trafficking


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