How to See God!

The Son is the image of the invisible God

–Colossians 1:15a (ESV)

I have mirrors all throughout my home. I look at myself regularly just to make sure I look OK. Is my hair out of place? Do I have broccoli in my teeth? It has happened before!

I make corrections, unlike the Fonzie on Happy Days who looked in a mirror and seemed to be completely satisfied!

In Genesis I learn that God made me in His image. I know that God is not talking about my physical appearance. Apparently being made in the image of God is much more that that. I realize that since every human being is made in God’s image that there is something sacred in every person.

Sin has tainted the image of God that is in all people. We are now imperfect reflections of God.

Jesus is not imperfect. The Bible tells me that Jesus was tempted, just like me, yet without sin. Jesus is perfect.

The above verse shares that Jesus is the perfect image of God. So many people say that they want to see God. According to the Bible, Jesus allows us, as imperfect human beings, to see and know God.

I learn about Jesus primarily through the Bible. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell His story. The rest of the New Testament shares truth from those who knew Him. The Old Testament is all about leading up to Jesus. I want to read and study all of the Bible so that I can know Jesus.

Prayer: Father in heaven. You sent me Jesus so that I can know You. Please forgive me for when I don’t pursue Jesus with all of my heart, soul, and being. Jesus reflects You and as I submit to Him, I want to reflect You too.

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