How Much Do I Give to the Lord?

Leviticus 17:30 (ESV):  Every tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the Lord’s; it is holy to the Lord.

I am blessed to live on 51 acres of land. I have a tractor. Sometimes I feel like getting on the tractor with a coat and tie and belting out, “Green Acres is the place for me!” Well, I’ve never done that, but it has crossed my mind a time or two.

Actually, I lease 30 acres of my land that has “brome” grass growing on it to a young farmer. It is such a blessing to see farming work take place. The grass is cut, raked together, and then baled in large round bales.

According to the above verse from Leviticus, if I had lived back in Old Testament times, I would then give ten percent of my harvest to God. It is “holy to the Lord.” I would not want to take that lightly.

Isn’t it good that I live on this side of Jesus coming? I am no longer bound by those silly Old Testament laws… right?

I believe strongly that Jesus came and fulfilled the Old Testament law. So, what about the law on tithing, giving ten percent of my “harvest” to the Lord?

For me, as I read the New Testament, I am amazed at the generosity of the early Christians. Some sold everything they owned and gave the proceeds to the Lord. Early Christians took care of others. They gave sacrificially. They took up offerings for the poor. Generosity was a defining characteristic of early Christians.

As I live now, I also want to be generous. I am no longer under the Old Testament law. I am now free to give beyond what the law required.

So, how much do I give to the Lord? I give it all. Certainly I give a minimum of ten percent to my church. (If all Jesus followers would do that, the Church could solve world hunger right now.) But my attitude is that at any time, God can have me give more. I choose to let Him own it all. I am just a steward for Him.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, may I always let go of every resource You have blessed me with… my land, my income, my time, and my talents. I am Your steward. I give it all to You. Please direct me to faithfully transfer what I steward to wherever You want.

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