Hearing with Our Ears

1 Chronicles 17:20 (ESV) – There is no one like you, Lord, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.

My oldest grandson starts orientation for college today. My goodness how the time has passed. I remember him spending lots of time with me and his Nana over the years. 

His journey has been through the public education system, and he has done extremely well, taking advanced courses, and earning top grades. For him to accomplish that, he had to work hard, listen, and commit to his studies.

Over the past few years his Nana and I have also been meeting with him regarding Christianity. He has a lot of good questions. He listens. He hasn’t made any commitment to Jesus during that time, but he has been so respectful. I respect him and love him. He returns that love to me and his Nana.

To learn about God, especially now, we must be able to listen with our ears. Over the millennia of history there has always been opposition to God. Right now, the opposition seems to be severe. But God is still on His throne. I still sleep well at night knowing that.

Living in a culture that questions God means that I must speak with my mouth to communicate with those who don’t know or don’t understand the God of the Bible. For them to hear, requires that they listen with their ears. You cannot follow God by just being in our culture and thinking that you are okay.

As my grandson gets settled, I realize that the words that his Nana and I have shared don’t seem to be complete. But God is in charge. I am now praying that he will form relationships with others that can take next steps with him. I pray that he will hear with his ears.

Prayer: Lord God, today is a new day. Not everyone I love knows You. Many of my neighbors and friends don’t know You. I pray that they can hear You with their ears. I also pray that I can share with my words what it means to follow You. May I speak the truth in love.

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