God of my Fathers

2 Kings 21:22 (ESV) – He abandoned the Lord, the God of his fathers, and did not walk in the way of the Lord. 

My Papaw was a Texas cotton farmer. He passed decades ago. I have wonderful memories of him. 

He took me and my siblings fishing. He would take us to a local pool hall; he was pretty good. We also played many games of “Texas 42” with him. We attended church with him. Good memories. If I ever wrote a book about my life, I could easily write a long chapter about my Papaw.

Amon was a King of Judah. The book of Second Kings devotes 8 verses to this man. He was not outstanding. He was 22 when he became king. His officials conspired against him and assassinated him when he was 24. The most telling thing about Amon was the above verse. He did not walk in the way of the Lord.

When I think about my own heritage, I realize that I am so blessed. All four of my grandparents followed Jesus. Both of my parents have followed Jesus. I have not abandoned the Lord, the God of my fathers.

Why am I so blessed? I cannot take credit for God’s blessings. I just know that I am a recipient of them.

In response to God’s blessings, I do have choices. I choose to embrace God. I commit to read the Bible and learn about the God of my fathers. I know of no other way.

When I hear the name of Amon, I recognize him as a king of Judah. I can recognize his name because I have read the stories and truths of the Bible so many times. I invite you to join me in the adventure of reading God’s word continually!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I feel so blessed to be another generation that follows You. Thank you for the heritage of parents and grandparents who have followed You. Not everyone is so blessed. I submit myself to You, as the God of my fathers.

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