Genesis 7:20 (NIV):  The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than fifteen cubits.”

Lots of the United States is covered in snow and ice right now. Here in Kansas we haven’t been above 20 degrees for almost two weeks. Yesterday morning it was -15 degrees here at my home.

Being covered with snow and ice is one thing. Being covered with water is another. I’ve seen some flooding and the devastation that it has on everything. Truly, the power of water is so underestimated.

Only about half of Americans now believe that the Genesis global flood occurred. I even have close family members who simply cannot accept that it happened. Still, as I have pondered the possibility of a global flood only 5,000 years or so ago, I tried to keep an open, faith-based, mind. I wanted to look at evidence and not just start with assumptions. My conclusion? I now firmly believe that the flood occurred, fundamentally transforming the pre-flood world through the amazing power of water, to the still amazing world that we know today. For those with interest, you can learn more at good Creation Science sites like and There are many more for those who seek answers.

Embracing the truth of Genesis is fundamental to my belief in a God who created all and who sent His Son, Jesus, to die a substitutionary death in my place. I now enthusiastically trust the entirety of God’s word.

Prayer: Lord God, our culture continually attacks truth and faith at every opportunity. May I embrace Your truth. You are my Creator. You made me and the world I live in. I am blessed. I trust in You completely.

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