Family Time

Acts 17:30 (NIV):  They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

I spent quite a bit of time over the past week in Texas with my family, specifically with my mom, my wife, her mom, my siblings, my children, and my grandchildren. I love them all dearly. Celebrating the life of my dad brought us all together. It is what healthy families do.

Debbie and I got back and will find ourselves basically alone in our home for a while. We are still a family, just a small one.

But we also have another family. Last evening we had our Life Group over. We’ve been going through The Truth Project together. Yesterday we took a break from the videos and had a pot luck dinner. We all really enjoyed the food and the fellowship. After eating we sat around and shared Christmas memories. Wow. Some of them were interesting to say the least.

The above verse describes what the first Jesus followers did after they decided to follow Jesus. They learned together. They shared and talked. They ate together. And they prayed together.

Our decision to follow Jesus is best followed with a decision to become part of a larger family, beyond our biological relationships. The relationship I have with my Life Group members is based on the blood of Jesus. Truly, we are family. We are all part of the family of God.

Prayer: Lord, especially during this season of the year, I pray that we can be a part of Your family. In spite of challenges of time and resources, may I always commit to others even as I commit to You.

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