2 Chronicles 10:13-14 (NIV):  The king answered them harshly. Rejecting the advice of the elders, he followed the advice of the young men…

When I was 19 I really made a lot of bad decisions. I thought they were good at the time. I thought I was making good decisions. But the decisions were bad. As a result, I have had to live with the consequences of those decisions ever since. As I reflect on those decisions now, 44 years later, it is easy for me to see how wrong they were.

Rehoboam was the son of King Solomon. King Solomon was the guy known for good advice. He wrote Proverbs, which is full of practical wisdom. It would seem like Rehoboam would be set up to be a king and make nothing but good decisions.

That didn’t happen.

When given the opportunity to cement the relationship between the northern tribes of Israel and the southern tribes, Rehoboam rejected the good advice from the elders and decided to follow the advice of the friends he had grown up with. Apparently, Rehoboam and his friends had it all figured out. Well, after Rehoboam made his harsh answer, the northern tribes rebelled and formed their own kingdom. Rehoboam was left with only a small portion of what the kings before him had ruled. There were lasting consequences of his bad decision.

I know that I am not alone in having made bad decisions. I am so thankful that Jesus died on the cross in order to take the punishment for my sin. Although I have consequences of bad decisions, my eternal decision to follow Jesus is good. I am now secure knowing that I am loved and forgiven.

Prayer: Lord God, I confess that I have made bad decisions that can have lasting consequences for me and others. May I rely on You for wisdom. May Your Word guide me. May I seek and find godly advisors. May I go forward knowing that I love You and that You love me. I am deciding to follow You.

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