A Prayer for the New Year

By Mario Diaz From: How beautiful are the feetOf those who bring good news,Who proclaim peace, good tidings,And the salvation of the Lord. May our gaze turn to them;May our ears hear the sweet soundOf the proclamation of Your WordIn this new year. Lord of the harvest,Send us laborersFor we[Read More…]

Prayer: for President Biden

Lord, I ask that You would put people in President Biden’s connections that will challenge him with Biblical truth. I ask that he would embrace Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Regardless, I ask that You influence him with Your wisdom as he leads this nation. May his commitment to[Read More…]

Prayer: Life

Heavenly Father, we are in a culture war with babies on the front lines. I ask that you would protect babies in the special created space, a mother’s womb, while they are developing. May their mother’s commit to life and if they feel unable to raise their child, may they[Read More…]

Prayer: Embrace God’s Word

Heavenly Father, many who claim to follow You really don’t. They seem to only try to make You a savior without making You Lord. Please forgive us as a Church for allowing those in this situation to believe that they are okay, when they are not. May they, and all[Read More…]

Prayer: Governor Laura Kelly

Heavenly Father, I ask that you would watch over and protect Governor Kelly as she leads as the chief executive officer of Kansas. Give her your wisdom to administrate and lead the executive branch. As she faces challenges during this continuing pandemic crisis, may her decisions benefit the people of[Read More…]

Prayer: Embrace God’s Word

Heavenly Father, as a people who claim to follow You, we are lacking in our commitment to Your word. Your word leads us to Jesus. Your word is true. Your word is trustworthy. Your word gives life. May we as Your followers read it, study it, and meditate on it.[Read More…]

Prayer: Kansas State Senate

Dear God, I ask your blessings for the 40 State Senators here in Kansas. As they continue to debate and vote on legislation, may they commit to Biblical values that are in line with the values of Kansans. May each one of them rely on Your guidance and wisdom. I[Read More…]

Prayer: One Year Later

Heavenly Father, we have now officially been responding to a global pandemic for a year. Many have died. A fourth of us here in the United States know someone who has died. We need healing. We need you more. May we trust You for not only our physical healing, but[Read More…]

Prayer: Loss

Heavenly Father, yesterday Rush Limbaugh died. He was only one of close to 800 deaths (on average) yesterday. Each one of those deaths can impact others. I wonder how many knew Jesus and will be with Him through eternity. I ask that You would be each person that suffers from[Read More…]

Prayer: It’s Cold in Kansas

Heavenly Father, we are experiencing bitter cold in Kansas and the forecast is for even colder temperatures this weekend. I ask that you would protect Kansans. Keep them warm, especially those who are vulnerable. Provide warm places for the homeless. Keep heaters working for the elderly and sick. May Kansans[Read More…]