Being Silent Before God

Zephaniah 1:7 (NIV): Be silent before the Sovereign LORD, for the day of the LORD is near.

Debbie and I purchased the land that we now live on before we even walked on it. That was over eight years ago. We now call our property “Beautiful Fields.” The French meaning of our last name, Beauchamp, is also “Beautiful Fields.”

This morning I took the attached picture before the sun came up. I feel so blessed to be able to have a place to pray and ponder and be “silent before the Sovereign LORD.” Doing so allows me to be recreated and refreshed.

Zephaniah encouraged everyone to take time to be silent before God. He also shared the reason for his encouragement: The day of the LORD is near. What does that mean?

Zephaniah’s prophecy is filled with judgement for the Old Testament nation of Judah and the surrounding nations. Truly, “the day of the LORD” was coming fast.

I now pray and ponder about the state of our nation and world. We kill babies that are inside a woman’s womb, that have the image of God, and call it exercising a bodily right. We allow drugs and surgeries to mutilate male and female bodies made by God simply because we think their gender is wrong. We silence dissent about biblical marriage being between a male and female in order to prevent “harming” others when in actuality we are rebelling against God’s first institution. Truly, we are even rejecting God as Creator by embracing an evolutionary worldview that has actually been debunked.

There is another day of the LORD coming, BUT… I still have time to be silent before the Sovereign LORD. As that day approaches, I believe that the evidence for God will be so overwhelming that those who reject God will actually know that they are wrong.

Today, the choice still remains. I choose to follow my Sovereign LORD.

Prayer: Sovereign LORD, thank You for the opportunity to be silent before You. I know that Your judgment is coming, but I also know that You love this world, in spite of the rebellion against You. Today, I choose You. May I align myself with You in order to influence as many as I can so that they join me prior to Your coming again.

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