Being Home

Mark 6:1 (NIV): Jesus left there and went to his hometown, accompanied by his disciples.

I will be in my home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Day. After years of living around the world while serving in the military, I now find myself very content with staying put. We will have Debbie’s mother and sister here as well as our boys and their families. The twelve of us plan to enjoy family, food, and perhaps some football.

In the first five chapters of the gospel of Mark Jesus was busy. He was calling disciples, healing paralytics, casting out demons, teaching truth, sharing stories, calming storms and raising girls from death to life. It is no wonder to me that he decided to go home. Perhaps he needed a break, even as the Son of God.

Of course for Jesus the break didn’t last long. At His home there were those who questioned His legitimacy. Mark states that because of the lack of faith of His neighbors, Jesus did not accomplish in His hometown what He had been doing elsewhere.

Home can bring out good feelings while also bringing out challenging ones. Just like Jesus, there may be those who knew us from our growing up years who don’t know us now. We may have gone off to “success” in the world yet still be remembered as the little overweight boy in third grade. Going home can hurt.

I enjoy my home now. Still, I want to constantly remember that this world is not my home. My home awaits. Jesus is preparing a home for me. In this life I will have challenges. But I also know that I receive blessings now, and for that I am eternally thankful.

Prayer: Lord God, You are my provider. You are my healer. I am certainly thankful for Your blessings. May I exhibit an attitude of gratitude always. I also thank You for preparing an eternal home that is free from hurt and tears. May I embrace You as my source of strength and hope.

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