Approaching God

Exodus 20:21 (NIV):  So the people stood at a distance, while Moses approached the thick cloud where God was.”

During my last years in the Army I worked for General Officers. They all wore stars. Some had two stars, some three, and one even had four stars. Most were really good men who served their country with honor. Making appointments with all of them required intentionality, professionalism, and good reasons.

I cannot even imagine what it must have been like for Moses to approach “the thick cloud where God was.” Granted, he had experienced God through his burning bush experience. He had been God’s tool for miracles and judgement. Still, the magnitude of Moses approaching God the way he did is astounding.

Jesus has made God approachable. The Bible in the New Testament makes it clear that we can now approach God with boldness and confidence.

The Bible does not say to approach God with cockiness. Unfortunately, I observe that many, when it comes to our Creator, have forgotten all about His holiness. I know that I am guilty of being so relaxed at times with being in the presence of God that I forget that it is only because of what Jesus did that my relationship with God, in fact all of humankind’s relationship with God, is even possible.

I want to honor God. He is worthy of praise, exaltation, and glory. I never want to take for granted the amazing blessing of being in His presence.

Prayer: Father, thank You. I am humbled by the gift of being able to approach Your throne with boldness and confidence. May I bask in Your presence and be refreshed and renewed to be Your tool in Your hand in Your world.

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